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Commercial relocation is a highly specialized field, with a different set of obstacles and challenges than those faced by residential movers. They are two different disciplines, which is why Cabro Logistical Solutions focuses our time and attention solely on the commercial side. We have been wholly dedicated to business moves and relocations since 2008; we do no residential work, instead honing our commercial relocation processes and procedures.

In doing so, we have gotten it down to a science. Working with major corporations from all across the Carolinas, Cabro Logistical Solutions has amassed experience working with a wide range of industries—everything from healthcare to government, from libraries to private offices.

Our team members bring more than 25 years of combined experience to commercial relocation. We lean heavily on that experience, and as such are good at what we do—able to address the unique relocations of each client, each industry, each project.

Hospital Movers

Cabro Logistical Solutions has worked with some of the largest healthcare entities in the Carolinas, including extensive work in the exceedingly rare field of replacement hospital relocations. Our work in this arena includes all stages of planning and execution for hospital moves—transferring all equipment and furnishings from one hospital facility to the next.

Medical Equipment

Our work in the healthcare sector is by no means limited to hospital relocations. We have worked in a wide range of scenarios—expansions, hospital additions, and also work with private practices and medical offices. We understand the precision and care involved with moving medical equipment.

Educational Movers

In addition to healthcare, Cabro Logistical Solutions has ample experience with educational moves. In this area, we have provided our expertise to public and private universities across the Carolinas, including library moves, transitions into new buildings, and more. We have also helped with Asbestos mediation moves.

Corporate Relocation

Cabro Logistical Systems has provided relocation services for a number of private companies, as well. Often, these are transfers into new office facilities. Again, we understand the sensitivity of these moves, and are pleased to offer foremost attention to the planning, communication, and storage stages of each move.

Industrial Movers

Industrial relocation is another area of our expertise. This is often some of the most labor-intensive work, as it tends to involve much in the way of machinery, equipment, and parts. We offer thorough planning to ensure an expedited and efficient move, minimizing down time and lost productivity.

Library Movers

Due to our work with governments and with schools, Cabro’s team has gained a great deal of experience with library moves. We have even assisted in the relocations of law firm and hospital libraries. We can assist with packing, inventory, re-shelving, and even planning for expansions—leaving space for collections to grow and develop over time.

Government Movers

Our work with the government encompasses municipal office spaces, public libraries and universities, and more; we have even assisted with medical moves, working in tandem with the United States military from the initial paperwork and planning through the actual execution of moving day.

Non-Profit Relocation

We are proud to provide for the relocation needs of all kinds of organizations—including not-for-profit companies. We have helped several major charities and philanthropic groups through periods of transition. To our non-profit clients we bring the same acumen we bring to government bodies, schools, hospitals, and for-profit enterprises.

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